Food wonderful food. We have to admit that food is amazing. Though it may at times make us gain weight, it just one of those things that we cannot live without.

Amongst all the dishes, snacks, soups, and food in the world, there is one meal that we all to admit is amazing. And those, are French fries.

As speaking of French fries have you ever wondered they are called French Fries and not USA Fires, Britain Fries or just Fries fries? If you have, then you are not the only one. And because we were so curios, we decided to dig into a little but to find out why French fries are called French fries.

History of the French Fry

Its funny how if we want to find out about the French Fries, we need take a very long walk down history lane. For starters, we are sad to say that they French Fry may not really be French. This is as there is a claim that the French fries originated in Belgium were the villagers of the River Meuse traditional ate fried fish.

However, when winter came and the river froze, the villagers decides to go for plan B that was to fry potatoes. These fried potatoes dish was then discovered by the American soldiers in Belgium during the first world war.

So how did they get to named French fires? Well, this was because the dominant language of Belgium is French as such, the people called them French fries.

That was the first theory of the origins of French fries.

Theory number two goes that the French fries were actually French and they were sold by vendors on Paris ‘Pont Neuf in the 1780’s.

Another theory states that French fries were discovered by the Spaniards. This as they were the first to come across the South American potato, this was in 1553.

Are French Fries French then?

To be honest we have no idea, all we know is that we love them. One can actually say French fries are a universal food. We are quite sure there are French fries in every part of the world, however they are eaten differently. Take for instance the Americans have their fries with Ketchup and the French prefer fires with mustard. While the Britz would rather have vinegar. The Japanese on the other hand would rather have their fries with green curry or soy source as As of Canadians’, they serve their fries poutine topped with gravy and cheese. Malaysians have their French fries with chili sauce and in Pennsylvania they will serve you French fries with melted cheese. And the Belgium have their fires with mayonnaise.

And the name French Fries?

Clearly French fries are all over world, sop why call them French fries? With those very thoughts, Americans for a certain of years tried to call them Freedom fries. However, this name didn’t stick around long enough and in 2006, French Fries rose again. And till today, we call them French fries.