France is a nation that stands in more ways than one. There is a lot about France that people love. That is why the nation has such a high number of tourists each year. And as you visit France on, you will have to eat what the French eat. And we are sure that among those many meals that you will have, there will be that one constant is that never seems to go away and that ingredient that always seems to be apart of every recipe.

Best French Cuisine

Before we take a look at some of the best food in France, we take a look at some food that just says France. Not that this food is unique to France, but there is something in the way that the French put it across that just makes it look yummy than it already is.

French Bread

As we said, there is something in the way that the French put it across that just makes it stand out. For residents of France, bread is not just bread. Why we say that, well there are several festivals in France that will have pâtissiers from the whole nation coming together. This shows that for the French, it is more than just bread as such, one will find it as part of least part of a full course meal.


Another food that French cant help but love ins cheese. This is not actually for the French alone, but for most people around  the world. However, for France, they have over 242 different types of cheese. And that sounds like a lot of cheese to us.

Of these over 242 different cheese that one can find in France, there are 5 that stand out. These are:

  • Camembert from Normandy
  • Roquefort from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, south of France
  • Chevre (goat cheese) from the Loire Valley
  • Tomme de Savorie from the Alps
  • Comte from the Franche-Comte, Est of France

Best Food in France

Above we mentioned some of the food that the French especially love. Below however, we look at some of the dishes that can be part of the courses where the above food is mentioned.

1.      Foie Grass

Should you visit nay friends and family in France during either Christmas or new year, we can assure you that this one mela that you will find on the table. Foie Grass is t a traditional meal among the French on that can be traced to over decades ago. The best way to try the fattened geese is with a piece of brionche  accompanied by either lemon spread of jam.

2.      The Rooster in Wine

With this dish, you have both the food in wine in one big tasty mela. The Rooster in Wine is on the French moist amazing dishes. This dish can be a substitute for a Burgundy Beef, which is also made with wine. To get the best ever taste of the dish make sure that it has a French bacon called Lardons, mushroom, onion and carrots.