Every country has got something that makes them, stand out. It is because of these things that people will continually search for that country on various platforms and search engines. These are the things that will amaze people about that country. These are the most interesting facts about France.

Interesting Facts About France

·         The Word “France”

Before it become the name of nation, France was a word that had its own meaning. The word “France” is believed to be of German, we know.  And before you ask, we have no idea how it moved from a word in German to the name of a nation, but what we will tell you next juts might help with www.majesticslotsclub.net.

France comes from thru Franks, these were a Germanic people.  The word was in essence derived from the Frankish word “frank”, this to them means “free.” Although we are aware that in the English dictionary this has a totally different meaning.

·         The Time Zones

If ever you are looking to get lost in time, then we suggest that you take a trip to France. This is because the nation has 12 different time zones. To imagine that some people can barely mange two, they have 12.

This is more than any other country in the world and it is all thanks to its different territories. These are around the Atlantic, Pacific as well as Indian Oceans. There are also some territories in the South American content as well.

·         Add a Bit of Greek

Two of the oldest cities in France are Marseille and Beziers. Interesting fact is that these cities were not built by the French. They were in actual fact built by the Greeks sometime during the 6th century BC.

·         The Nobility of France

Some nations do not even have any Nobel Prize winners, but France has 15. This makes it the nations with the highest Nobel Prize winners. Seconds to France in the United States of America with 11 and in third place comes the United Kingdom with 10.

·         The Only Stop Sign in Paris

Some of the facts that we have here are very interesting if we must say ourselves. Like the one that we are about top share with you.

Up until 2012, there was only one “STOP” sign in Paris. Yes, you read that right, in the whole city of Paris, there was only one STOP sign.

This sign was located at the exit of a building materials yard in the 16th arrondissement. However, today, this sign is no more.

·         Pigeon Warfare

If you though that pigeons were no longer used in the world, well, you have to think again. France, is the only county in the world that still uses pigeons in their army. They are kept at Mount Valerian near Paris. They are only to be used for special communications in the event of a disaster.


These are but a few of the most interesting facts about France. And trust us, there is a whole lot more where those came from. However, to find out more about them we guess that you will have visit France yourself and see just how many more interesting facts you can dig up.