Art is part of every nation. In fact, it is art that manages to define each and every nation. The creative works that are created by a nation help people to try and understand what that nation is about. Be in in paintings, dance or literature.

The French however ever, have a great love of painting. As such, many people who dream of one day being painters draw their inspiration from several French painters. And if your dream one day is to be a painter, allow us to walk you through some of the greatest French paintings in the world.

Most Famous Paintings in France

Water Lilies

Water Lilies is one of the most famous painting in France. It was created by Claude Monet. The French name for this painting is the Nymphaea.

The Water Lilies painting is part of Monet’s last creations as it was created in the last 30 years of his life. Part of the series are 250 other oils paintings. While all these paintings may not all be on France, they are still on display in various parts of the world for

This painting as well the rest of the paintings in this series will open your eyes to a whole new world of nature and the diversity that comes with it.

An interesting fact however about this painting is that when the painter Claude Monet painted it, his eyes sight was really bad. As such, how he managed to create such a masterpiece when his eyes weren’t as good as before is still a mystery to many. Regardless of that, they still appreciate the painting and the beauty and we that comes with it.

Liberty Leading the people

Eugène Delacroix is the creator of this mazing work of art. It was created un the years 1830. As with all paintings and work of art, this painting too has a story behind it.

This paining has been seen as embodiment of liberty itself. This is as liberty has exhibited in many cultures as well as during the French Revolution. And due to that fact liberty is seen as symbol of hope and freedom by the French.

This painting in particular, is linked with to the revolution of 1830 when King Charles X of France was over thrown. Such that this paining is the one that commemorates that day.

In this painting we see liberty as a goddess as well as person of the people. With the French flag in one arm and the and a firearm in the other she leads the people to what they do so dearly desire, liberty.

As for the painter, Delacroix has been as French Romantic painter and his works Liberty Leading the people has inspired many great painters.


Olympia was created by Eduard Manet in the year 1863. In this painting we see a reclining nude woman being attended to by her maid. When this painting was first exhibited in the Paris Saloon in 1865, it caused great commotion. The commotion was not because of the nudity of the picture, however, it was because of the details of the picture that portrayed her as a prostitute.

This painting has however been seen to portray the defiance toward patriarchy. As such, there is more than what meets the eye for Olympia.