Gratitude Sunday

Today is one of those Sundays when I wished that all my family and friends were with me at church. The worship was so moving and the message was definitely anointed. Spiritual revival is truly in the air!

I love God. I will die loving Him. I love my Hillsong church. Together with my husband and kids, we will serve Him forever.

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Photo was taken by my friend RVA during our worship service at Stamford Grand Hotel, North Ryde, Sydney.

Clouds on Display

We have been living in Sydney for over five years now and there are still a gazillion of places we haven’t seen. The hubs and I agreed that moving forward, since our little boy is now more ‘travel-friendly’, we’ll try to see more of this beautiful country.

When we learned that Canberra is having its centennial celebration this month, the hubs and I thought that it’s worth another look-see. It was our fourth family trip there. We were there last weekend and stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Since it was just an overnight stay and the event highlights were either late in the evening and very early in the morning, we were all very tired heading back to Sydney. We thank God that we, including three other families/friends, traveled to and from Canberra safely.

Here are some of the photos I took using my iPhone. Look at the beautiful cloud formations that accompanied us during our whole trip.

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Cotton candy clouds.

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Soaring bird cloud.

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Feather-like clouds.

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Big wave and three big fishies.

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I’ve never been so captivated by the beauty of clouds. These were indeed a sight to behold.

Heart Like a Canvass

There are a few impending decisions that we have to make in the coming days (and months!). Big decisions that will greatly impact our family life. The old me would analyze my options and its pros and cons no end, stress over them and in the end I’d be all irritable, crabby and unhappy. But the Lord has opened my eyes to the truth that I should not waste a single day, worrying about my life and future. Instead I should present my petitions to him and completely trust Him in the process. It is such a liberating feeling!

At first, it wasn’t easy to fully lean on to Him with every single detail of my life because the analytical and strong-headed side of me believed that there are things that I can take care of myself. But I think the key is to fully surrender. It is only then that I have learned to let go of myself and let God.

I used to plan a lot then ask God to bless them. But we all know there is something wrong with that picture. He is God, all-knowing and all-powerful. I should be trusting and keeping my heart like a canvass for him to paint his plan for my life on instead of me providing the sketches and God just adding color to them, making them come true.

I’ve been there so many times. Holding wishes and desires so strongly in my heart that when I pray, my mind and heart are clouded with what I want. At times I thought my prayer was answered but I would soon discover that I find no peace in my decision. With that, I can imagine God lovingly shakes his head and tells me, “I’m here my child, I’m your Father, let me take care of you.”

Life is exciting and full of changes and surprises. It is just like the coming and going of the Seasons. There is no use of thinking so much about tomorrow (and being enslaved by it) because if we truly, truly have Him in our lives, we should be secured enough to live for today.

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