My 2015 Scrapbook Project

I have lost count of the times I have attempted to start and not finish a digital scrapbook project. Although I have a few (okay, probably about 4) that were printed but I used Shutterfly’s ready-made templates for them and I don’t think they count as scrapbook projects. Hee. I am happy though that there is now a #projectlifeapp that should make it easier for me to complete projects, but still, I have only made about 5 pages so far! Yikes!

I sorely miss making photobook pages. I’m sure the hubs and the kids would love to browse through them, laugh and talk about the great memories we all have made. Sometimes they will see the pages on my computer and they will start reminiscing about what happened at that time.

As with anything, commitment and dedication are needed to tick-off this task on my to-do list. I’m crossing my toes, I would finish my 2012 photo book this year! :)