Trip to Jamie’s

From his shows and cookbooks, I began to like Jamie Oliver’s style of cooking – simple, fresh and the end products look naturally tasty. So, when the husband suggested that we try his restaurant, I had to say a loud, “Yes, please!” :)

A few weeks ago, our little family went to the city and had a taste of a few of his dishes. I love that they all had simple flavours, nowhere near other restaurants we’ve tried, which uses enhancers that mask the natural taste of the meat and vegetables. The husband enjoyed his squid ink risotto, I had a serving of salmon pasta, the kids had fish fingers and spaghetti bolognese. My favorite though is the starter, polenta chips. Wish I could make them myself. Hee.

Along Pitt St.

Kids’ menu can be seen via this view master.

Polenta chips, gone in seconds.

Happy tummies.